2013 Roundup and KOTM Results

2013 SXS Roundup and KOTM Results Mud Surfing 1st Brooke Brewster & Kermit Taylor 2nd Addison Haley Viking Rowing 1st Addison Haley & Savannah Hampton 13.81 2nd Mike Brady & Nathan Farmer 16.67 3rd Colton Butteris & Stephanie Evancheck 20.74 4th Chris Ackerman/Wendy Ward 21.6 Girls Dash for Cash Cameron King of the Mountain ATV 1st Johnny Gallagher 2nd Randy Hamilton 3rd Kevin Trantham 4th John Hoskins 5th Brandon Carson 6th Chris Berry 7th David Hawkins 8th Stephen Self 9th Jimmy Elam 10th Bobby Ousley 11th Allen Tuttle 12th Phillip Drull SXS 1st Danny Oliver/Chris Wilson 2nd Andrew Kyle/Byron Tuttle 3rd Nick Hoskins/Misty Hoskins 4th Jimmy Elam/Travis Middleton 5th TJ Bedacht/Eddie Perry 6th Mike Mahan/Jonathan Watkins 7th Sammy Smith/Jacob Smith 8th Mike Penland/Zachary Graves 9th Bill Barrow/Bobby Ousley Pole Bending 1st Randy Hamilton 2nd Luke Myers Utility 1st Marcus Flack 2nd Allison Reed SXS 1st Al Butteris 2nd Marcus Flack Obstacle Course Sport 1st Randy Hamilton 2nd Shane Ulery Utility 1st Tyler Lynn 2nd Marcus Flack SXS 1st Colton Hoback 2nd Al Butteris Mud Bog 4WD 0-399cc 1st Colton Butteris 4WD 400-599cc 1st Anthony Tyson 4WD 701cc & Up James Harris SXS 1st Colton Hoback 2nd Joe Roberts Drag Races 2WD 250-400CC 1ST Matt Warman 2nd Corey Welcon 2WD Sport 401-500cc 1st Jesse Warman 2nd Michael Payne 2WD Sport 601-700 cc 1st Chris Ackerman 4wd 250-400cc 1st Allison Haley 2nd Allison Reed 4WD Utility 401-500cc 1st Anthony Tyson 4WD Utility 501-600 cc 1st David Demps 4WD 601-700cc 1st John Robinson 2nd Miles Wolfe 4WD Utility 701-800 cc 1st Tyler Lynn 2nd Clinton Glancey 4WD Utility 800cc & up 1st Marcus Flack 2nd Fred Cobb SXS 701-800cc 1st Michael Payne 2nd Shane Ulery SXS 801-1000cc 1st Colton Hoback 2nd Marcus Flack


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