SXS/ATV Roundup 2011 Event Winners

The Brimstone® Crew would like to congratulate all of the riders who successfully competed and won in the SXS/ATV Roundup Events!  King of the Mountain-  ATV Winners: 23 ATVs only 12 finished 1st: Jimmy Elam completed 10 laps in 2 hrs. 2nd: Kevin Trantham completed 10 laps in 2 hrs. & 8 mins. 3rd: Blake Strickland completed 10 laps in 2 hrs. & 10 mins. UTV Winners: 19 UTVs only 5 finished 1st: Alan Clark completed 14 laps in 3 hrs. 2nd: Johnny Ford completed 13 laps in 3 hrs. & 15 mins. 3rd: Chris Umphrey completed 12 laps in 3 hrs. & 10 mins. Media Trophy: Mike Lasher completed 11 laps in 3 hrs. & 9 mins. DRAG RACES-   2WD Sport 250-400cc 1st: Matt Warman 2nd: Cory

Chance                                                 2WD Sport 401-500cc                                                1st: Luke Myers                                                                                          2nd: Dewayne Delph                                                                                 2WD Sport 501-700cc                                                                               1st: Matthew Jones                                                               2nd: Daniel Ashburn

4WD Utility 250-400cc                                                1st: Marijane Howard 2nd: Shonda Delph                                                                                                                                                                                                                 4WD Utility 401-500cc                                                                               1st: James Howard 2nd: Matt Peak                                                                                                                                                                                                  4WD Utility 601-700cc                                                                            1st: James Harris 2nd: James Howard                                                                                                                                                                                             4WD Utility 701-800cc                                                                        1st: Kevin Gray                                                                                      2nd: Justin Perry                                                      4WD Utility 801cc & Up                                                                                                                                                                                                     1st: Darryl Cobb 2nd: Rex Gosnell                                                       4WD UTV/SxS 801-1000cc 1st: Tina Adams 2nd: Donnie Coffey MUD BOGG- 4WD 0-399 cc 1st: Austin Reed 2nd:  Jacob Reed SLED PULL- 2WD Sport 250-399cc 1st: Jason Delph 2nd:  Shonda Delph 4WD Utility 300-399cc 1st: Jason Delph 2nd:  Kenny Stevens 4WD Utility 400-499cc 1st:  Larry Delph 2nd: Melissa McRoberts 4WD Utility 500-600cc 1st James Howard 2nd: Howard Sirk 4WD Utility 601-700cc 1st: James Harris 2nd: James Howard 4WD Utility 701-800 cc 1st: James Harris 2nd:  Tony Musgrove 4WD Utility 801cc & up 1st: Michael Barnard 2nd: Rex Gosnell 4WD UTV/SXS 801-1000cc 1st: Donnie Coffey 2nd:  Teddy Hicks Ladies Dash for Cash: Chesney Coffey POLE BENDING Sport ATVs- 1st:  Luke Myers 2nd:  Dewayne Delph Utility ATVs- 1st:  Shonda Delph 2nd:  Jason Delph OBSTACLE COURSE- SPORT ATVs 1st:  Matthew James 2nd:  Daniel Ashburn UTILITY ATVs 1st:  Steve Robinson 2nd:  Michael Barnard UTV/SXS 1st:  Tyler Coffey 2nd:  Donnie Coffey  Show ‘n Shine Winner- Cleanest- Larry Marlow                                         Dirtiest- Matthew Warman KOTM ATV Results: 1-10 laps Jimmy Elam 2-10 laps Kevin Trantham 3-10 laps Blake Strickland 4-10 laps Scott Kilby 5-10 laps Denny Carson 6-10 laps Ken Pomerantz 7-9 laps Gary Hayes 8-9 laps Dennis Carey 9-9 laps Randal Day 10-9 laps Jerry Morgan 11-8 laps Matt Douglas 12-8 laps Grayson Parker 13-7 laps Matt Carter 14-7 laps Mickey Sutton OUT WITH # OF LAPS: Chris Ackerman with 2 laps Brent Humphrey with 4 laps Donald Beckley with 4 laps Paul Burghard with 2 laps Davis Hawkins with 2 laps THESE ATVs COMPLETED # OF LAPS: Josh Flynn with 5 laps Jordan Phillips with 5 laps Shane Sloop with 7 laps Robert Cardwell with 6 laps KOTM UTV Results:

1-14 laps Alan Clark 2- 13 laps Johnny Ford 3- 12 la
ps Chris Umphrey 4-11 laps & Media Trophy Mike Lasher 5-11 laps David Sayler OUT WITH # OF LAPS: Clint Staggs with 2 laps Jordan Potter with 2 laps Mike Mahan with 12 laps Bryan Wheeler with 2 laps Doug Marsh with 6 laps Chad Daugherty with 6 laps Josh Marsh with 8 laps Jason Lewis with 4 laps Rusty Barnes with 1 lap Aaron Neal with 2 laps Aaron Marsh with 3 laps Michael Gilliand with 0 laps Phillip Hodges with 0 laps Brit Mansel with 0 laps


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