SXS/ATV Roundup 2012 Event Winners

Drag Races 2WD Sport 250-400cc 1st Place: Austin Reed   2nd Place:  Matt Warman 2WD Sport 401-500cc 1st Place: Luke Myers   2nd Place:  A. J. Lyons 4WD 250-400cc 1st Place: Addison Haley     2nd Place:  Shonda Delph 4WD Utility 401-500cc 1st Place: Phillip Clay     2nd Place:  Mike Tidwell 4WD Utility 800cc & Up 1st Place: Justin Perry     2nd Place:  James Harris Side by Side 701-800cc 1st Place: Shane Ulrey       2nd Place:  Jamie Hatcher Side by Side 801-1,000cc 1st Place:  Jessica New    2nd   Place:  Justin Perry   Sled Pull 4WD 300-399cc 1st Place: Jason Delph   2nd Place:  Addison Haley 4WD 500-600cc 1st Place: Larry Delph       2nd Place: ChadChapman 4WD 701-800cc 1st Place: James Harris   2nd Place:  Jim Stackbuger Side by Side 1st Place: Josh Hatcher     2nd Place:  Tony Gabehart   Obstacle Course Sport 1st Place: Randy Hamilton   2nd Place:  Robert Cardwell Utility 1st Place: Jason Delph  2nd Place:  Addison Haley Side by Side 1st Place:  Clint Staggs   Mud Bog 4WD 400-599cc 1st Place:  Bryant Long    2nd   Place:  Anthony Chitwood 4WD 600-700cc 1st Place:  Verlin Chitwood 4WD 701cc & Up 1st Place: James Harris     2nd Place:  Justin Perry Side by Side 1st Place: Brian Taylor     2nd Place:  Kyle Musgrove   Pole Bending Sport 1st Place: Randy Hamilton     2nd Place:  Matt Warman Utility 1st Place: Jason Delph       2nd Place:  Phillip Clay Side by Side 1st Place: SavannahHampton   Mud Surfing 1st Place: Addison Haley     2nd Place:  Hannah McCluskey   Pole Bending-KIDS 1st Place:  Shawn Delph   King of the Mountain ATV 1st Place:  Johnny Galliger #14 2nd Place:  Brandon Carson #188 3rd Place:  Denny Carson #78 4th Place:  Randall Day 5th Place:  Chris Ackerman Side by Side 1st Place:  Mike Mahan # 21 2nd Place:  Johnny Ford #120 3rd Place:  Michael Gilliand #517 4th Place:  Everette Bootle 5th Place:  Kent Upton



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