Cabin Rental Guidelines

TERMS/DEFINITIONS – For the purpose of this agreement, Brimstone Resort shall be defined as the agent and representative for the owner of all vacation properties on its rental program and shall hereafter be referred to as “Brimstone Resort." The term Rental Owner shall mean the owner of the rental property whether a cabin, campground or recreational vehicle – RV and is hereafter referred to as “Rental Owner”. The term “Rental Cabin, Rental RV, or Campground" refers to the vacation property offered for short term rental by and managed by Brimstone Resort. Any individual(s) entering into this Agreement for the purpose of renting said Rental Cabin, Rental RV, or Campground shall be defined as “Guest(s)." The term “Guest(s),” “You,” and “Your” as used in this Agreement shall include Guest’s heirs, successors, assigns, guests, invitees, representatives and other persons at the Rental Cabin, Rental RV or Campground during Guest’s occupancy.

RESERVATION POLICY – A non-refundable deposit equal to a one night rental is required to secure a reservation. The Total Reservation Amount will be charged to Guest’s credit card or Guest(s) may pay by cash.

ACCEPTED FORMS OF PAYMENT – Brimstone Resort accepts Money Order, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard.

RATES – Rates, furnishings, fees, and taxes are subject to change without notice. Rates do not include sales tax, lodging tax or cleaning fees and are subject to change. A three-night minimum for cabins is required during holidays and special events.

CONFIRMATION – Confirmation of the reservation will be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to Guest(s) upon receipt of payment. Guest(s) should review the confirmation for accuracy of dates, mailing address, number of adults and/or children and/or horses and accommodations. Guest(s) must notify Brimstone Resort of any discrepancies in the reservation immediately upon receiving confirmation of the reservation.

CANCELLATION – If Guest(s) cancels their reservation within one month of reservation there will be a one time $25 cancellation fee, then they will receive full credit back. However, if they cancel within that month, they forfeit a one night deposit. If they cancel within one week of the arrival date, they forfeit their total amount of the rental cost.

SECURITY/DAMAGE AUTHORIZATION – Guest(s) acknowledge(s) Brimstone Resort authority to charge Guest’s credit card for damage to the Rental Cabin or Rental RV occupied by Guest(s), Guest’s family, Guest’s invitees, and Guest’s guests. If there is damage to the Rental Cabin or Rental RV or it’s content/property, including but not limited to unintentional and incidental damage, intentional damage, theft, or damage requiring excessive cleaning following Guest’s departure, Guest will be notified of the cost related to any excessive cleaning or repairs and the amount will be charged to Guest’s credit card.

CREDIT CARD – Guest provides his/her credit card number as a guarantee. Guest agrees to pay all rent, accept all terms of the rental agreement, and accept all liability for any damage beyond normal wear and tear during the term of Guest’s stay with Brimstone Resort. If Guest fails to do so, Guest understands that these costs will be charged to Guest’s credit card, and Guest understands that all credit card sales are final.

CHECK-IN/ CHECK-OUT – Check-in time is 3:00 PM. Check-out time is 11:00 AM and is strictly enforced. Unless prior arrangements are made in writing, any Guest(s) who does/do not vacate the Rental Cabin by 11:00 AM or who returns to the premises without the consent of Brimstone Resort after check-out will be assessed a fee of an additional $100.00.

CHECK-OUT PROCEDURES/CLEANING REQUIREMENTS – Guest(s) are required to leave the Rental Cabin or Rental RV in the same general condition it was in when Guest(s) arrived. Guest(s) should:

• wash, dry, and put away dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and utensils. • clean out food and beverages from the refrigerator. • place all dirty sheets and towels in the bathtub on each level. • turn the thermostat to 75° F in the summer and 65° F in the winter. • place all trash in outside garbage cans. • close all windows and lock all doors leading to outside decks. • return the key to the Brimstone Headquarters.  *Failure to comply with these procedures will result in a $200 charge to Guest’s credit card as outlined in the SECURITY/DAMAGE AUTHORIZATION section. Brimstone Resort will dust, vacuum, sanitize, and clean all towels and linens upon Guest’s departure. Guest(s) is/are responsible for any damage, abuse, excessive cleanup requirements, or loss to the Rental Cabin or RV or its contents caused by any member of Guest’s party during Guest’s occupancy. Each Rental Cabin or Rental RV is inspected and furnishings inventoried after check-out to ensure the Rental Cabin or RV is left in good order. Brimstone Resort will make final determination of the necessity of any charges to Guest(s). There is an extra $50 fee for cleaning if there are pets staying in the cabin.

MAINTENENCE – When you arrive and find something is not working, please notify our maintenance personnel ASAP! We do everything to keep all equipment in good working order. If something is not working properly, we will do our best to repair the indicated equipment in working order for your stay.Upon your arrival we will give you an after hour emergency number. If you call after hours to report something and a true emergency is indicated, then you will be contacted back ASAP. If it is not a true emergency and it can wait until business hours, then you will not be called back till the following day.

HOMES ~ FURNISHINGS ~ EQUIPMENT ~ ETC. – The rental cabin and RV is privately-owned property, furnished and equipped by the owner.Furnishings are subject to change without notice. Under no circumstances is furniture, bedding, mattress pads, utensils or any other property supplied with the Rental Cabin or Rental RV to be removed. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a $200 security/damage charge to Guest’s credit card as outlined in the SECURITY/DAMAGE AUTHORIZATION section. The cost to replace removed furnishings and related items and the cost to repair damage to the Rental Cabin or Rental RV or furnishings in excess of normal wear will be charged to the Guest’s credit card. The basement of the cabin is locked for storage and is not included in this rental.

SUPPLIES – Each Rental Cabin and RV is provided a supply of bed linens, bath towels, blankets, pillows, and a supply of dish soap, hand soap, dish washer soap, toilet paper, and garbage bags. These items will not be replenished during Guest’s stay.

REPAIRS/SERVICE CALLS – Brimstone Resort cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, air conditioning, TVs, satellite receivers or other appliances and electronics. Please report any in-operative equipment immediately. Brimstone Resort will make every reasonable effort to have repairs made quickly and efficiently. Should a repair person make a call to a Rental Cabin or Rental RV and notice that the equipment is in working order and the problem was due to the Guest’s oversight or neglect, the charge for service will be the Guest’s responsibility. Guest(s) understands and agrees that Brimstone Resort personnel may enter the Rental Cabin or Rental RV at any time for the purpose of making needed repairs. No refunds or rent reductions will be made due to failure of appliances, electronics or equipment.

HUNTING / FIREARMS – No hunting or firearms discharge will be allowed within Brimstone Resort at any time.

SURROUNDING CABIN PROPERTY – The property owned by the cabin owner includes the area to the left of the access road and the area immediately surrounding the cabin. The property below and to the right of the cabin is separately owned. Please do not trespass in that area.

INSECTS / PESTS – Guest(s) understands that activities in a wilderness setting are high risk, including stinging and biting insects, venomous reptiles and other wildlife that may inhabit the Brimstone Resort Area. While all units are sprayed monthly for pest control, wasps, ladybugs and other insects may invade the rental units. This situation is not under the control of Brimstone Resort.

SMOKING – Smoking is not permitted inside the Rental Cabin and Rental RV. Smoking outside the cabin is permitted. However, cigarette butts are a fire Hazard. Therefore, please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly. There will be a $200 charge to Guest(s) credit card if there is evidence of smoking inside the Rental Cabin or Rental RV.

PETS – Guest(s) acknowledges that pets are allowed in or on the premises of the Rental Cabin and Rental RV. Pets must be contained in a crate when guest(s) is not occupying the Rental Cabin or Rental RV. There is a $50 charge for the first pet. A $25 charge will be assessed for any additional charges. Any damages caused by pets will result in additional charges to guest’s credit card. Animals must be restrained on a leash not to exceed 6 ft. at all times. Never leave pets unattended. Clean up pet waste.

CAMPFIRES- Collect only dead and downed wood for firewood or firewood purchased from the Brimstone office. The use of any and all accelerants is prohibited. Fire flames should not exceed 24” from the base/bottom of the fire pit or fireplace. Flames are not to protrude from the fireplace. Excessive wood and resulting flame may create a fire hazard and exceed the fire rating of the fire pit or fireplace resulting in the potential of a personal injury. The use of chainsaws for firewood is prohibited. Build fires only in designated fire pits. Only use wood that fits in fire pits. Otherwise, it creates a fire hazard. Leaving the campfires unattended is prohibited. Put all cigarette butts in fire pit or garbage.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS – RENTAL RV- While cooking on the stove in the Rental RV, please make sure that the vent fan on hood and ceiling fan are turned on. (At the door push UP BUTTON until the ceiling vent is extended and fan turns on). Please do not raise or lower bed in back of the trailer. The water must be used moderately as the holding capacity is 50 gallons. Please do not put any food, grease or coffee grounds in the kitchen drain.

CAMPGROUND- Camp in designated sites only. Quiet hours are between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. Driving nails, spikes, screws into trees is prohibited. Grounding for EVERY electrical appliance is necessary to prevent circuit breakers from activating. All campers must stay in designated camp ground area or designated Brimstone Recreation trails. The speed limit within the campground is 5MPH for all vehicles and is enforced at all times. Racing or revving of engines or any form of extreme riding will not be tolerated in the campground or the county road. No riding of vehicles within the campground, except to reach your campsite. Alcohol is prohibited in campground. Do not leave trash at your campsite. Do not park more than 2 vehicles at one site. Clothing is required at all times.Those that do not abide by the guidelines will be asked to leave the property.