*Everyone must check in at the Brimstone® Headquarters for campground/RV reservations, cabin rentals, and daily resort parking permits.  Violation of any rule or regulation will result in immediate and/or permanent dismissal from Brimstone®.*

  1. Each Brimstone® Passholder must wear or have in their possession a “Brimstone® key ring” while on or accessing the Brimstone® trails and facilities.
  2. Brimstone® Passholders must ride on “marked trails only.” Anyone caught riding on un-marked trails will have riding privileges suspended and/or revoked permanently with no refund.
  3. No littering on trails, campgrounds, or cabin locations. “Pack out what you pack in.”
  4. All OHV riders must operate in a safe and controlled manner respecting the rights of others using the trails and facilities. Anyone riding in an unsafe manner, damaging the property, or risking the safety of others may have riding privileges temporarily or permanently suspended/revoked.
  5. Campfires are only permitted in designated areas on the property, campgrounds and cabin facilities subject to restrictions by owners, management, and governmental entities.
  6. Hunting is by “leasehold” right only. Hunting leases are issued annually and based on availability.
  7. ATV Riders must meet manufacturers’ minimum age and safety requirements.
  8. POSTED speed limit must be followed in designated areas.
  9. Any rules/regulations not included above, implemented at a later date, and posted in the main office to include verbal and nonverbal directives given by Brimstone® staff must be adhered to without exception.
  10. Brimstone®  Passholders  must conduct all activities on all the land both owned, nonowned, leased, and/or managed with the utmost caution exercising responsible behavior and with utmost care and respect of the community, environment, and wildlife and in full compliance with all applicable laws of the State of Tennessee now existing or hereafter enacted, and all the rules and regulations promulgated herein. 

**Brimstone® hereby reserves the exclusive right to temporarily or permanently suspend or revoke the rights of use granted, as evidenced by possession of a “Brimstone® Pass, to any individual or individuals with or without notice. **