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About Us

Find Yourself at Brimstone®…

Camp, Ride, Kick Back and Cut Loose. Open 365 days a year and offers something for every skill level. Nationally recognized Brimstone® Recreation, LLC manages and promotes the recreational use of over 19,196 acres nestled in the remote wilds of Northeast Tennessee and located in the Heart of Appalachia. We have over 300 miles of OHV trails and roads with numerous overlooks and culture exploration points of interest. Brimstone is an outdoor recreation company offering the adventure seeker the ultimate outdoor experience. Brimstone® is committed to preserving nature through good stewardship and sharing nature with thousands of outdoor enthusiasts every year who seek to experience adventure in its purest environment. Brimstone® offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the untamed wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains while enjoying a wide array of recreational activities.

“It’s truly the Disneyland for OHV enthusiasts, and some of the trails ought to have names like Space Mountain or Mr. Toad’s Wild Rquote closeide. -ATV Action"


Adventure, Excitement, The Thrill of Making It There, Mountains, Rushing River, the Smell of the Camp Grill, Friends, Family, Strangers, New Friends, Country Talk at the Crossroads, Music, Dancing, Singing, Shouting, Adrenaline on the Trail, Sweating, Sunshine, Fresh Air, Gazing Across the Mountains from a Favorite Overlook, The Sigh of Satisfaction, High- Fives, Passing it On and Paying it Forward, Hanging Out with Those that Matter, Giving, Receiving, Gettin’ Muddy, Fun, The Coolest Gear, The Fastest, The Toughest GBC Tire & Wheels, The Fog on the Mountain, Smiles, Moments, Memories,



the City, the Past, the Neighbors, the Dog, Your EX, the Bills, School, the Hassle, the Headache, the Stress, the HaveTo’s,


at a Campfire, on the Trail, with Mom, with Dad, with Papa, with the Kids, in His T-Shirt, in His Hat, Barefoot, with Her at Your Side, with Kinfolk, with a Stranger, with Your Buddy


the Howdy’s, the Rumble, the Rebel Yells, the Laughter, Mega Coach Horns Sounding Off from Afar and Answering from Yonder, the Water, the Chatter, the Tree Frogs, the Thunder, the Laughter, the Home-made Words, the Hollar’n, the Roaring Motors, the Music, the Echo, the Shouting

***Jeeps, Rail Buggies, and Trucks are not permitted on the trail system.***