North Cumberland WMA

In the Cumberland Mountains, 140,000 acres of unbroken wilderness await your arrival. The largest such parcel of contiguous public property in Tennessee outside the Cherokee National Forest, the North Cumberland WMA encompasses much of the Cumberland Mountains. Clear mountain streams, rare birdlife and majestic wild elk set the stage for this magnificent piece of property, which attracts hunters, anglers, bird watchers and ATV riders.

Formerly the Royal Blue WMA and Sundquist WMA, the North Cumberland WMA encompasses both of those parcels, along with the newly added New River tract. The Cumberland Trail passes through a portion of the North Cumberland WMA, which includes properties in Scott, Anderson, Campbell and Morgan counties in Tennessee.


  • Camping: Rustic camping is permitted throughout the WMA. Or Call Brimstone® Retreats 865-617-8127
  • Supplies: Maps, hunting licenses and special use permits are available at retailers along S.R. 63 near the WMA, Brimstone® (423-663-4868 or 800-BRIMSTONE®)
  • Lodging: Brimstone® Retreats 865-617-8127


Hunting licenses or special use permits are required in the North Cumberland WMA.

Hunting License: $28 residents | $50.50 non-residents 7-day $251 non-residents annual
WMA Permit: $21

Special Use Permit: $12.50 resident daily | $61 resident annual | $30.50 non-resident daily $191.00 non-resident annual
*Resident and non-resident refers to people who live inside or outside the State of Tennessee.

Purchase a permit:
Come to Brimstone® (423-663-4868 or 800-BRIMSTONE®)

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